Vingerhoet baby jumpsuit

“The simplest things are often the truest.”

— 1936. Richard Bach.


My Belgian maiden name meaning "Thimble"

Kaye Amurao
Vingerhoet baby jumpsuit
Vingerhoet baby jumpsuit

Our Jumpsuit

Vingerhoet is a Brooklyn based brand for Newborns through size 2T. Our jumpsuits are designed around functionality and ease of use. Functional and minimal, our designs are unique and essential.

The design is inspired by my youngest daughter—with thanks to my oldest—for being my biggest supporter!

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Style & Quality

Styles are based on functionality—letting design elements develop out of those needs. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality garments.

Vingerhoet baby jumpsuit
Vingerhoet baby jumpsuit


Our current core product is our jumpsuit which is the result of my experiences taking care of my kids when they were babies. My older daughter had sleep issues and we were beyond exhausted for over the first 2 years. Then my second daughter was born...

I have a background in Art Direction Graphic Design and had been looking for inspiration to start another business. 

One evening my newborn was sick and throwing up. I changed her out of her one-piece into a new one, snapping up 20 snaps while she cried. When I placed her down she threw-up a second time—20 more snaps. And yep, she threw-up for the 3rd time—20 more snaps—that's 60 snaps—while trying to calm a crying baby and keep your toddler from waking up. 

I wanted to design a garment that solved all my baby dressing issues. 

1. It had to be a one-piece because that was faster. 

2. No snaps or zippers

3. I wanted the leg length to expand so the fabric wouldn’t pull up when riding in a carrier or being held.

4. It had to be fashionable and look like a complete outfit. 

We hope you love it as much as we do!

—Kaye Amurao


Vingerhoet, LLC is proud to donate
a portion of our proceeds to Amnesty International.